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We have worked very hard to make this the easiest way to buy real estate. Register with the site and confirm your email and cell phone number. You will not be able to download the due-diligence provided on each listing without registering and signing the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

Sign up for an account at TheExchangeUSA to buy or sell properties.



Use EXFollow found on each listing to follow the properties you are interested in buying. Once you have registered and signed the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), all the financial and other due-diligence documents that are available for any of our properties are now available to you. After you’ve reviewed the documents and conducted your due diligence you may start placing offers on any of our properties. You can ask a question or schedule a visit to the property.


Make an EXOffer

Now you have two ways in which to place an offer.

1. A CASH OFFER; meaning your offer is for cash without the need to receive loan approval. You have the cash or loan pre-approval and are ready to buy. This is a powerful way to make offers as it shows the owner that you are serious and ready to buy. Sometimes a lower cash offer will prevail over a higher offer that is subject to loan approval.

2. PENDING FINANCING; meaning you have not yet received your financing commitment. The best offers are CASH OFFERS. Try to get financing approved before you bid. If not, you must select how many days it will take you to get approved. If you do not get approval for your loan you are not obligated to the offer.

EXFollow your property and raise your offer if you are out bid. We have an extensive messaging system that uses email and text messages to keep you in the loop and let you know when your offer has been placed, if it has been accepted or countered, or if you have been out bid by another buyer. (You may opt out of this system at any time). Bidding is transparent, you will see the bid history on each listing. Stay in the lead and win your property. Once declared the winning offer you will have 3 days to submit your escrow deposit and sign the purchase agreement.

Each property is assigned an administrative support person to manage the listing and closing process every step of the way to ensure a successful transaction. Look for their contact info on each listing and reach out to them anytime.


We believe we have developed the best automated system for selling your property. Our system is designed to target buyers and deliver a purchase contract at true market value in 45 days (sale period varies depending on property type). We use big data from the internet and match it with our archetype strategic staging system to find THE buyer who will resonate with your property and is willing to pay more than anyone else for it. We believe that facts do NOT sell your property, stories and personal motivations sell your property supported by facts.

You will pay a marketing fee that includes advertising online (i.e. Facebook, Google ads, Instagram, etc) and direct mail to targeted demographics who would be interested in your property. You and the admin assigned to your listing will determine the best marketing plan. Expect to pay between $3,000 and $6,000.

You will have the option of approving, countering or declining the high offer with our system. After you have approved the winning offer your admin will continue to provide closing services. We coordinate all the players necessary to process your closing; title company, appraisals, bank loans, property and environmental inspections and final walk throughs.

To get started just give us a call at 800-641-6520 or send us an email at It’s just that simple and all for 2%.

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How it works

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TheExchangeUSA prides itself in our easy to use interface, secure data storage, and friendly customer support!


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With conditional offers, we can accommodate and expedite the process for a variety of buyer & seller concerns!

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Flexible financing & payment options to connect reliable buyers with reputable property owners!

Pending Financing
Waiting on a loan or investment? No problem! Offers pending financing are common conditional offers in the world of real estate. You will need to provide some additional information, but we'll get you sorted and notify the listing agent immediately.
Cash Offers are of course accepted and preferred as an offer type. This is the fastest and most assured way to guarantee your sale on TheExchangeUSA.

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Our team will help you with documents, information, and the appraisal process. TheExchangeUSA digital platform is perfect for selling your property.


Finally your property moves to live auction. You can see incoming and past offers made from your Seller dashboard and communicate with potential buyers directly.


Securing a deposit from the accepted buyer is painless and automatic. Once you accept a verified offer you can communicate with the buyer and view essential documents.

Title & Documents

Our team will lead the way with ensuring all documents and title preparations are taken care of for a successful transaction and change of ownership.


From start to finish, TheExchangeUSA is here to make sure buyers and sellers alike can leave feeling fulfilled, with their time well spent.

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Buyers pay a one time $100 deposit to become verified on the site. This is identified by a special badge that let's sellers know they are serious.


Sellers pay a $500 deposit to list properties, and a minimal 1.5% fee once the property has sold. That's the lowest in the industry.

Listing Agents & Brokers

Listing Agents & Brokers pay a reduced deposit, and the same 1.5% fee once the property has sold. Listing agents manage properties.


Our Asset management group accounts have a 1.5% fee assesed to each sale, but the $500 dollar deposit is waived. We love our partners!